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4TEN Chassis Parts

4TEN Chassis Parts Image
The GCM 4TEN Chassis parts and Combo Kits are a semi scale and tough leaf spring component set that will assemble a strong and reliable truck frame and drivetrain to look great and keep repairs out of the schedule.
Have a look at the 4TEN Combo review in RC Car Action Magazine November 2010.
Link to RCCA 4TEN review article.
Link to setup videos
here and here.

4TEN Chassis Parts
4TEN Frame Set Image

4TEN Frame Set
Leaf Spring Scale Frame

4TEN Long Frame Image

4TEN Long Frame
Leaf Spring Scale Extended Frame

Tamiya Leaf Mounts Image

Tamiya Leaf Mounts
Mount Plates for Tamiya/RC4WD Axle

Axial Leaf Mounts Image

Axial Leaf Mounts
Leaf Mount Plates for Axial Truck Axle

Gasser Axle Front 2wd Image

Gasser Axle Front 2wd
Drop the 4x4 and get a hotrod.

Leaf Spring Hanger Set Image

Leaf Spring Hanger Set
Frame mounted Leaf spring hangars

4TEN Motor Trans Mount Image

4TEN Motor Trans Mount
4TEN Front Motor and Transmission Mount

4TEN Servo Mount Image

4TEN Servo Mount
4TEN Front Servo Mount

4TEN Rear Shock Mount Image

4TEN Rear Shock Mount
4TEN Rear Shock Mount

4TEN T-Case Mount Set Image

4TEN T-Case Mount Set
4TEN Mounts for Transfer Case